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 Membrii Clanului -TeG- si cateva lucruri despre ei

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Mesaje : 148
Data de înscriere : 29/06/2008
Varsta : 22
Localizare : Podu-Iloaiei

MesajSubiect: Membrii Clanului -TeG- si cateva lucruri despre ei   Mar Iul 08, 2008 7:05 pm

CreatuRe ( Jawich TaofiK ) - player/WA
A player who grew fast in skill. He is the most complete player for he is comfortable with all weapons and when the team needs two snipers, be sure that he will be the second. The courage to take actions on his own and his "secret" invulnerable places on the map brought him another nickname: "the headshot man". Smile
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PeRRy (Mircea Predut) - Team Leader
The most experienced player in our CS team and even in the whole Romanian CS community, we may say. He's also the tactical leader in the game and his experience is a model for teammates. As a player, he maintains himself at a constant level and he has a very pronounced sense of teamplay. Sometimes he's able to turn over something that seems an impossible way-out situation and win rounds by himself. His favorite weapons are Colt and AWP.
Email :
Darky (Lazar B. Adrian) - player
An extreme player with a very good sense of conservation and maybe the best aim-player in Romania. When his madness approaches the top limits Smile, he annihilates the members of the opposite team.
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FlopP ( Hansa Alex ) -Inactive
The most natural player with a very good reflex management. He is the main sniper of the team and it's a pleasure to watch him in action. When in one of his "good days", he can win matches all by himself and make his position unbreakable. Inactive since Dec 2006
Email :
k1d0r ( Paka M. Daniel ) - player
One of the newest and also the youngest player in TeG.cs. His strength lays in his good aim.
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a Sedan (Ibraim Sedan) - Player
Joined our team in Dec 2006. He is considered by many the best aimer in Romania.
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ro SaGat ( Vladu Costin Florin ) - player

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Membrii Clanului -TeG- si cateva lucruri despre ei
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